Hydraulic Hose Fabrication

We specialize in hydraulic hose fabrication for replacement hoses for:

  • Fisher and Western snow plows
  • Dump trucks
  • Wood splitters
  • Skid steers
  • Bypass oil filtration system custom hose fabrication

We custom make hydraulic hoses based on the specifications you provide. We offer hydraulic hose fabrication locally in Fairfax, VA or hoses can be shipped in the U.S.

Locally, we can fabricate hoses during normal business hours, outside of normal business hours, and on nights and weekends. We offer a pick up and drop off service in the local area.

We can fill bulk orders on hoses.

For local service, please call 703.596.2662. You can also place your order online below.

High-Quality Hydraulic Hose Fabrication at Reasonable Prices

We make high-quality Parker hoses at reasonable prices.

Hoses for Fisher 27500, 28000, 28100-1, 28500, 29000, 29100-1, 75000, 75500 Plows:

Part # 44348 (Western Part # 49496) 3/8″ x 48″ w/ FJIC ends

Part #44348
$7.50 (shipping)
Total: $34.50
X item(s)

Part # 49501 3/8″ x 36″ w/FJIC ends

PART #49501
$7.50 (shipping)
Total: $32.50
X item(s)

Part # 56765 (Western Part #56832), 1/4″ x 8″ hose with FJIC ends

Part # 56765
$7.50 (shipping)
Total: $20.50
X item(s)

These hoses are fabricated with high-quality Parker 387TC hose with 3,000 psi constant working pressures and exceeds ISO 18752 performance specifications. The TC cover provides 80 times abrasion resistance when compared to standard covers.

Replacement Set (includes all three hoses Part #44348, Part# 49501, and Part #56765)

Replacement Set
$14.50 (shipping)
Total: $74.50
X item(s)

Custom Oil Filtration System Hoses

Custom Engine Oil Bypass Filtration System lines 1/8 NPT thread male ends fabricated and sold by the foot $9.50 per foot. The shipping cost includes the cost of the two connectors that come with the hose.

Custom Engine Oil Bypass Filtration System Lines

This hose is sold by the foot. Please change the quantity to indicate the number of feet you want the hose to be. The minimum is 1 foot and the maximum is 10 feet. Shipping cost includes the price of the two connectors that come with the hose.

$20.50 (shipping)
Total: $30.00
X item(s)

The hoses are fabricated with high-quality Parker 201 Transportation hose (Ratings: SAE J517 100R5/ SAE J1402 ALL / DOT FMVSS 106 Air Brake – ALL). These connections are superior to the threaded field attachable hydraulic fittings, or AN fittings that are common for this application.

Custom Hoses

Do not place a $5,000-$15,000 engine in jeopardy by using inferior hoses and fittings that could come apart once they age and get soaked with oil and grease.

Place your order online or call 703.596.2662 today.