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5 Ways to Prep Your Lawn + Garden for Fall

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If you’re a true gardener, you know that the fall is the prime time for getting your lawn and garden ready for the upcoming seasons and weather. Whether you’re a gardener or a homeowner, here are five tips to help you prep your lawn and garden for the fall.

1. Test Your Soil

You can run a test on your soil to determine which nutrients already exist and which ones you need to add–such as organic and natural lime and fertilizer.

2. Seed

September and October are the prime months for seeding your lawn so that it turns out lush and green. You’re going to want to see again in March, but your first seeding should be in September or October.

3. Fertilize

Add an organic or natural fertilizer to your lawn. You want to do this in October or November (not in the spring).

4. Mow

Mow your grass when it is higher than 2-3″ long. Cut your grass down to 2”-3” using a share blade in your mower.

5. Plant

Fill your yard and garden with a collection of perennials, annuals, shrubs, edibles, and trees to add vibrancy to your landscaping as the days grow shorter and a little bit colder.


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