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Fill Dirt vs. Topsoil

It might (or might not) surprise you to hear that there are different types of soil. Understanding the different types that are available to you can help you determine which one you need for your lawn and garden.

1. Fill Dirt

Similar to how it sounds, fill dirt is typically used to “fill” in holes or level out slopes in your yard. Fill dirt doesn’t tend to have any fertility for growing grass or plants.

2. Topsoil

Topsoil is natural dirt that is native to Northern Virginia — usually from areas that are undergoing development so the dirt is removed prior to construction. If you’re using topsoil for your lawn or garden, you want screened topsoil so that large rocks, trash, and plants are removed.

3. Enriched Topsoil

Enriched topsoil is a blend of compost and topsoil. It’s a high-quality mixture to help nourish your plants–helping them to grow and flourish. Enriched topsoil is also beneficial for helping your grass to grow and to green your lawn.

McCauley’s Equipment offers screened fill dirt, topsoil, and enriched topsoil. Call for a quote or to schedule your delivery 703.972.5171.

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